About the Beef Stock Market

The Beef Stock Market is one of the only short term rural investments in Australia. BSM’s database system uses electronic identification to track individual performance rather than mob-based pooling or averaging.

Created by two agricultural industry leaders in South Western Queensland, BSM was borne out of an idea to provide a service to all Australians which enabled them to own a vested interest in the Australian agricultural industry.

One of the reassuring aspects of investing with the Beef Stock Market is knowing your cattle will be well handled and professionally looked after. The Beef Stock Market is operated by BSM Beef Pty Ltd, the directors of which are Charlie Frith, Elizabeth Frith and Tim Scott.

Our People

Charlie Frith
Charlie Frith

Charlie has lived in the Roma / Wallumbilla area of Queensland all of his life and has been operating his own property for the last 41 years. In this time he has expanded his operation to encompass further property in South West Queensland and a station in the Northern Territory. All properties have excellent improved pastures. Charlie's grazing properties, which are used for the Beef Stock Market, have feedlot capabilities which minimise seasonal stock feeding risk. This includes a property accepted under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme as an accredited feedlot. An integral part of livestock management, Charlie adheres to Cattlecare accreditation (ISO Quality Assurance).

Tim Scott
TIM SCOTT (BAPPSc -Rural Management)

Originally from Roma in Western Queensland, Tim is the BSM General Manager and backgrounder in the Mary Valley area of Queensland. Tim has run his own agribusinesses developing electronic identification systems on livestock properties throughout Australia.

Tim is married with wife Amber running BSM’s administration. Tim has an interest in horse sports and property development. Tim has lived and worked on beef cattle enterprises and other agribusinesses in Western Queensland much of his earlier working life.

Amber Scott
Amber Scott
Administration Manager
Dale Cameron
Dale Cameron (and his ever helpful wife)
Website Manager
Rohan Jamieson
Rohan Jamieson
Livestock Coordinator
TIm Scott
Livestock Induction Team

BSM Backgrounding Properties

BSM has a network of properties across four states ranging from broadacre improved pastures, to irrigated intensive operations. A Livestock Manager in each state is responsible for ensuring consistency and professionalism across backgrounding properties. The Livestock Manager's duties are:

  • To oversee purchase of suitable stock for BSM.
  • To oversee the processing and electronic identification of stock in an efficient and humane manner.
  • To professionally manage your stock to ensure compliance with all requirements of beef cattle production.
  • To adjust stocking rate to make maximum use of available feed and seasonal conditions.
  • To provide e-mail monthly reports incorporating such aspects of production as weight gain, seasonal conditions, rainfall and market trends.
  • To inform you through e-mail when the optimum sale time is for your animal or herd.
  • To ensure weight gain based running costs are subtracted from sale price.
  • To ensure net proceeds from sale (after deduction of costs and charges) are returned to you within 14 days of receipt of funds.

BSM Backgrounding Properties include:

Glen Arden, Roma
Glen Hope, Roma
Echo Hills, Roma
McWilliams, Mary Valley

New South Wales
Wybalena, Holbrook

Western Australia
Waterhatch Farms, Esperance

About the Australian Cattle Industry

The beef cattle industry is one of Australia’s major agricultural industries, exporting over 65% of total beef production to over 100 countries. Currently the beef cattle industry is worth 3.576 billion dollars to Australia’s economy. Australian beef is recognised around the world for its superior quality, safety and disease freedom and it is these factors which have helped to support the industry’s success.* *Australian Bureau of Statistics

Beef Cattle Laws and Requirements

The Australian beef cattle and meat industries are highly regarded due to the stringent control, inspection and safety standards and requirements exercised throughout the nation. These requirements apply to all facets of the beef industry including beef cattle production. As a result the Beef Stock Market must adhere to and continue to comply with strict legal requirements under the Meat Industry Act 1993 (Qld) and other laws and requirements in relation to the beef cattle production industry. This also includes our compliance with laws in relation to disease and parasite control such as, for example, the Stock (Cattle Tick) Notice 1993 (Qld) and the Stock Regulations 1988 (Qld). Read more information on Queensland beef cattle laws.

The Beef Stock Market is an opportunity for people outside the beef industry to become instant cattle owners, where your cattle are professionally looked after in a proven operation.

Charlie Frith


The Beef Stock Market is a means by which business people, young professionals and other interested individuals can easily become involved in rural investment. Agriculture has traditionally been a sector of the economy difficult and expensive to break into, however the Beef Stock Market changes all the rules! From a young person's perspective this is particularly appealing.

Tim Scott


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