Prior to the next induction of cattle, BSM clients who have purchased more than 20 head of cattle through the Beef Stock Market (and are GST registered) will find that when they enter their personal login page, they will be transferred to the new BSM Gold section. Likewise, any new buyers who plan an initial purchase of more than 20 head (and are GST registered), can enter BSM Gold through the normal site by clicking the Buy Now tab on the left of the BSM home page.

BSM Gold utilises BSM Beef’s PAMD Agent’s License (No 3141937), to enable BSM cattle owners a more passive way of buying and selling cattle. If given authority through BSM Gold, BSM can act as a “Buyer’s Agent” to re-purchase stock with funds of recent sales or from periodic payments on a priority basis.

As BSM Gold is rolled out, extra functionality will be added including a feedlot option enabling the feedlot to be used (where possible) to increase returns on backgrounded cattle, SMS and MMS messaging services on inductions, sales, rainfall and climate, membership card discounts on related BSM products and services (including Beef Boxes), and Resident Agency services for overseas buyers. Finance and insurance will be added in 2007. Additionally a product ruling will be sought from the ATO for our many self-managed super participants so you do not have to continue getting individual private rulings.

BSM Gold opens Beef Stock Market up to a larger market of non-internet users, overseas buyers and those of us who do not have time to sit and wait for notifications of new stock inductions. Fees for various services are shown below and have been calculated to encourage participation.


Service Additional Fee Availability
Automated priority re-purchase option- appointment of BSM as a buyers agent using Trust Account held funds. (Buyers Agent Fee) 1% NOW!
Ability to deposit additional funds through direct periodic transfer into the Tust Account to be used in the Automated priority purchase facility- appointing BSM as a buyers agent. Included in the above Buyers Agent Fee. NOW!
Abiliity to select a ceiling buy price above which you are not prepared to purchase. Nill NOW!
Ability to be notified by e-mail when the ceiling buy price is exceeded. Nill NOW!
Automated re-investment of Funds to be held in Trust Account for more than 60 days into interest bearing CMT. Appointment of BSM as your Agent to be given authority to carry out this service on your behalf. Ref Fee. Soon
Priority E-Mail notification of new stock Inductions. Nill NOW!
SMS & MMS priority notification of Inductions/Sales. $50/yr Soon
SMS priority notification of rainfall & paddock conditions. $50/yr Soon
Feedlot option if >5% advantage for 100 day payment – appointment of BSM as selling agent for markets. Appointment of BSM as an Agent to be given authority carry out this service on your behalf. Included in the above Buyers Agent Fee. Soon
Finance and Insurance offers. Ref Fee. Soon
Priority notification and booking on BSM Agri-Tours. Complimentary NOW!
Advanced format newsletter and BSM Gold Login. Complimentary NOW!
BSM Gold Membership Card (for special offers). Complimentary NOW!
Non-internet user BSM Gold package- posted invoices, receipts & newsletters. $20/yr NOW!
Ability to purchase as a foreign buyer and allow BSM to act as your “Resident Agent” for Goods and Services Taxation purposes. $300AUD Setup + 2% on sales. NOW!

For more information please email admin at or

Link to Media Release 1 August 2006
Link to BSM Gold Poster


Just one of the many features for BSM Gold users is the weather map that will be updated hourly.

(Courtesy of Japan Meteorological Agency satellite MTSAT-1R via Bureau of Meteorology)


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